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fur coat - NO NAME (courtesy of my aunt)

There is nothing better than a feeling when you're back home. I'm sure y'all agree with me. I arrived in Krasnodar yesterday and I literally don't want to go out at least for a week, but oh that work. Duties are  already calling my name. 
Since the temperatures here don't want to drop down, it's been a truely shoe-breaking idea of going out. The furthest place I went to was a grocery shop downstairs.  
But first things first. I'd like to share with you some photos I made during my trip to Arkhangelsk, Russia. This is the place my soul belongs to, cause this is where I was born and where all my family members are currently living. So I thought this is a pretty good idea to visit my Granny I haven't seen for four years and a half and to use this opportunity as a Christmas gift. I'm all for surprising anyone and everyone! She didn't expect to see me though and the surprise caught her on a hop, but she was on cloud nine. I love her so much, and I'm gonna go there back in August if things get on me pretty well. 
Speaking about surprises, I've managed to  get so many gifts I didn't expect to. All of them aren't from my wishlist I had done before the holidays, but they are even better. 
Are you interested? So click NEXT to see a full photo story: 

MOI and my aunt went shopping and on our way we decided to buy souvenirs in a junk shop of the local craftsmanship. Now I know where a famous fashion designer  Ulyana Sergeenko drew inspiration from.

We went shopping to buy a footwear for my aunt but as it often happens we bought cool New Balance sneakers for MOI. I mixed them with a faux fur scarf, and a suit by Helen Lichutina.

My friend got me a custmized mug with my portrait on it.

 That sunset!

 doudoune, hat, scarf, sunglasses (courtesy of my younger brother), gloves - KARI, jeans - H&M

 I found my never ending love there. This cutie's name is TAYA. Isn't she nice? I neeed my own pet friend!

Merry Christmas! (I know I'm far too late with congratulations, but nonetheless I wish you Peace and Love!)

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