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I was right when last week I asked my mom to have a black sleeved silk top and bloody red loose silk underwear boxers shorts pants sewn for me by the spring/summer season 2015. I know that my guts  I need something shimmering of black and red. So does the King. 
This short post is my personal dedication to the one & only John Galliano (aka my idol, my fashion guru, and endless inspiration in one person of flesh and blood) who recently took over at the Paris-based Belgium brand - Maison Martin Margiela
I've been looking for seeing this Collection since I first heard them talking about the possible return of the 'undisputable talent' as Renzo Rosso calls Galliano,  who had once  been absurdly exiled from the runaway (IMHO). And voila, the renowned designer is back wearing a white coat (which reminded me of the smock Mr. Saint Laurent used to wear) which itself turned out to be a cherry on a pie of a beautiful 100% chic Couture show. 
From the first sight it was obvious that through years of his 'artistic oblivion' Mr. Galliano didn't forget to implement his 'oh so Galliano!' extravagance  into each outfit of the collection, but at the same time he also made a great job by mixing it with what his precursor of the same field had left to the Fashion House of Margiela. 
No one could pin-point this better than an international Vogue editor Suzy Menkez: "The connection ...between two apparently different designers ... could be a show for Christian Dior in 2000, when Galliano shook the Paris couture universe with a collection inspired by the city’ s homeless.
The handwork that went into creating the hanging threads and destroyed clothes was considered either as a poetic vision or a shocking insult – depending on the point of view. Margiela himself was a fashion advocate of re-making and re-cycling – with even his upscale pieces made from found objects such as thimbles or wigs."
Enough said! I hope here's more fabulous shows and beautiful clothes created by the genious of Mr. Galliano to go! And no more racist jokes won't break this rule! Amen!
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Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale


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