Louis Vuitton statement accessories line: pin earings

photo via Vogue.ru

I ran into a photo featurig a look from Louis Vuitton AW 15 menswear fashion show on Instagram feed of LASH magazine earlier today and I died. How come the almighty House of Holy Louis Vuitton deigned to punk? Don't get me wrong I love punks and their culture especially so masterfully interpreted and adopted by another top-notch fashion designer - Vivienne Westwood, but this particular gold earring granted on me.  I don't know why. Maybe because of this  or this which is worse actually.  Or maybe I just can't stand the idea of body piercing in general? OK, I understand it all  - a reference to Chris Nemeth and blah-blah-blah, but... 
Moreover I liked the whole collection. I'd also like to do justice to the brand's going back to speaking in words of Tim Blanks its "world-in-motion heritage' in terms of the classical monogram which had been used on the handbags. What think you?

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mauricechable said...

Thank you, Jorge! :-)

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