Oh my Karl! 

This unique person doesn't stop to amaze me. Since Chanel Haute Couture show in 2015,  I've been keeping track of Mr. Lagerfeld almost chaque jour like an obsessed freak! 
And from all the sh#t the media writes about him, I've stumbled upon this spice article by Irina Alexanderr from NYTimes
Check it out, check it out, check this f#cking out! 
Before you unveil the details yourself, let me pepper your curiosity a bit. The article is about the designer himself and his tom boy  favourite model Brad Kroenig, and Karl's private jet they both use to travel to Dubai (on business, of course!), and how the lucky sinewy companion meets his generous donator at an airport in the south of France and al' dat jazz. 
Just shut my mouth up with a Hermes handicrafted headscarf before I purge a bunk out of it. 
To cut along story short, let me just share with you a picture of Karl I borrowed from a Yandex photo bank featuting his finest trademark outfit,  and  then attached one of Karl's priceless sayings to it as a speech bubble. 
I bet this quote  is gonna be tattooed on my loins if I once decide to have a tattoo. Ready? Go....

Wham - bam - wham! Will you dare to cut in with a remark with a fashion mogul who's wearing a tie brooch gem med with royal diamonds? I won't! I just died, died, and died!
Mr. Lagerfeld's sharp tongue doesn't stop on holding up ugly losers to shame.
Next time when  there's a similar situation when you and your business partner or whoever are obliged to spend a night together in one room, you should say:

"You sleep on your seat, darling.... I have to arrive fresh, you don’t have to. Don’t be selfish."

I would better wish the Earth could swallow me up right at the moment it's been said. The steadfast soldier, that Brad is. 

Or if some of you still makes selfies,  just say good-bye to them, cause Karl hates selfies. Insterested why? See....

                                        “Don’t use your film for ugly purpose.” - Kanzler Karl blurted out.

Got it? Me got it..No selfies anymoar. If you see a selfie on my Instagram, send me this reminder, s'il-vous plait!

Fashion alert: there's a Brad Kroenig's younger brother who had been parted from the family in his childhood. He's a  sweet  kinky  guy living in the middle of nowhere and he' s searching for a vacant position of a full - time personal jet rider. He can also receive Dior blazers, rose-gold Rolex glimmered watch, Chrome Hearts diamond bracelets etc for granted,  and call you "generous" instead! Even super - pooper,  very generous if a Chanel bag with my hologrammed logo is involved! E-mail him, he's waiting for his once - in  - a lifetime chance! Or just say that you love him!  La Love! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Lagerfeld Chabale 


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