Red Turtleneck + Check & Plaid gray trousers  = AndyWarholed Turkish Madonna

Before I start muttering into my non-existant beard about the shows in Berlin, lemme just boast about my newly arrived array of clothes.
There are three pieces I got the other day from Helen Lichutina,  better known as my mom. Yes, I obviously do like feeling like team Tina and Beyonce Knowles! Some day I hope we both we'll buit our own House of Deréon. Am I delusional or what?
Helen sewed a red turtleneck, check & plaid trousers herself specially for me. Yahoo...
I myself bought the black taper-nosed shoes from Centro, coz they reminded me of a suede version of the same taper-nosed shoes made by Ennio Capasa for  Costume National AW 2015collection
The rest like a knitwear with check & plaid front part by Zara and New Balance sneakers is a courtesy of my aunt. She bought the jacket in Finland last year for my cousin who's grown up a lot by now and in his early - fifteens he looks like a friggin' Schwarzenegger in his mid-thirties.
But what doesn't match young straight muscle marys, matches twink gaylords. 
Not that I like to inherit a shabby crap from my kin. But had I refused to accept the jacket, my chances to survive would be minimal for my aunt can't stand refusals. I mean at all. Despite all I liked it: it makes a perfect combination with my new trousers. I won't comment on the sneakers, cause I'm at a loss of words. I love them so much. 
Nonetheless, I'm happy to make my wardrobe more plumpy with those garments and footwear.
For a greater visual effect's sake  I Power-Pointed some of the images. But even if I look like a bad version of Andy Warhol-ed Modern  Turkish Madonna on them, I like the whole thing though.
What  think you? To cut a long story short, enjoy the photos


TA - DAAAM!!!!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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