Se moquer  - c'est important?

Once my mom  in my presence  criticized a very famous Russian celebrity for him having a laughable image.  She said that there's nothing good in being laughed at. I must admit, that he's quite eccentric, yes, but in my humble opinion there's nothing bad in it, and that he's not to blame for other people's narrow-mindness. Why be a celebrity if you aren't able to look like a frigging clown at people's expense?
I think, on the contrary, being laughed at can be smart. Think of Gogol, for example, or my favourite TV host - Catherine Tate. Such people make us think, not only giggle.
It has nothing to do with some stupid slapstick shticks which flooded Russian TV though,  while they're watched only by geriatric zombies.

On that note I'd like to present my self-made *fashion* drama to Imany's famous single 'You will never know' where I'm drowned in self-mocking and audacious self-irony (Click here to watch). I spent the ENTIRE NIGHT trying to figure out how to cut, adjust, streamline my bedtime dressup madness (though I'm mosty naked there). And I finally did it by the time when cocks outside started to swarm into my door to crow! Hey, TPTBs at the Oscars, Golden Globes, Sundnace Film Festivals, and Cannnes here I goooo! You'd better set a special prize for the best 'pathetic gay twink blogger who likes to bring his feet nails a good makeover'. This time I used a Mellow Yellow nailpolisher I unintentionnally picked up from a bowl with multi-colored 10 cents worth nail-polishers in a cheap department in Galereya Krasnodar. It's officially the main reason why I started to shoot the video, because I wanted to set this moment in stone  tape when I did pedicure MOIself for the first time in my life. Let's not talk about that by the end of the procedure I was yellow from head to toes. LOL. But that's the good reason, no? The pedicure bacchanalia had firstly intentioned to be a 3 - or  - something minutes long video for Instagram, but as a matter of fact the whole sh#t took me the entire sleepless night! 
It totally enticed me away. As a result my colored nails ended up appearing in the video only twice, but the rest is all about ME ME ME, and ME! Okay, there featured my new fluffy teddy monster bear (because he has a color of a drowned man. I mean really!) who pleases my ears every night by saying (with his creepy voice) that he loves me. 
Okay it used to be every night, coz now he's broken (I overlistened to him. nasty gurlz like compliments more than diamonds you know LOL). I guess he'll end up his last days as my headpiece for Halloween (Philip Treacy, are you reading this? I need your help!)
I'm happy that I discovered to myself the CUTE CUT app on App Store. Now I can shoot more videos featuring pieces from my wardrobe! I've got a plenty of ideas on my plate, be sure!. As for this video, better luck next time I would say. Practice is the best master as the saying goes, you know. I wish you a good next working week. 
Mine promised to be quite busy as usual. But I hope I'll be able to examine for the new Fall/Winter 2016 Collections. Stay tuned, I love y'all.

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Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale


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