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I'm starting a new header on the blog where I'm going to sum up everything which kept inspiring me during the past week. It can be whatever comforting, artsy, edgy, exciting, ugly, fugly etc.
And I hope this sludge will inspire you somehow too and yet you'll share with me some other stuff which you think might be insirational. In this case feel free to post a comment with the link directing to the stuff.  Ready? Steady? Go...

The woman in black 2: Angel of Death movie

photo via Twitter (@WomanInBlackTwo)

Based on original story directed by Tom Harper and written by Jon Croker from a story by Susan Hill, the horor-drama "The Woman in black 2" is the sequel to "The Woman in Black" starring Daniel Potter  Radcliffe who had helped to raise a grand total of $127.7 million worldwide. 
I had watched the 1st part, that's why this time  I decided that the sequel was worth watching too, though the original cast was not so tempting. Apropos you will see Helen McCrory and Jeremy Irvine in the movie if you know who they are. 
I think that this movie got to know a common problem of all sequels: audience can't help but comparing it to the first part. In this case too, whatever concrete scare or creepy effect the producers of the film tried to let loose upon me, I was not scared enough. 
Not only me...There I even heard giggles and laughs around on some scenes. And of course, the translation wasn't so good, which played Old Harry with the audience's side effect. 
To cut a long story short, I'm distinctly underwhelmed, and not impressed quite enough. But though it was a good time spent in front of a big flat screen together with a can of Coke in one hand and a huge bowl of pop-corn in another. 
Here's the synopsis of the film: 

As bombs rain down on London during the Blitz of World War II, a group of school children are evacuated with Eve, their young and beautiful schoolteacher, to the safety of the English countryside. Taken to an old and empty estate, cut-off by a causeway from the mainland, they are left at Eel Marsh House.
One by one the children begin acting strangely and Eve, with the help of local military commander Harry, discovers that the group has awoken a dark force even more terrifying and evil than the city’s air raids. Eve must now confront her own demons to save the children and escape the wrath of The Woman in Black.

grey woolen trousers, printed  bomber jacker by Helen Lichutina

BTW these photos were taken by a passer-by whom I asked to snap me for my Instagram, and he surprisingly didn't mind it. This uneventful fact can explain an apparently contended expression on my face. If only you knew how scary it was. Pardon my inner sociopath! 

Mikhail Baryshnikov's photographic exhibition "Dancing away"

Yes, my dearest narrow-minded fashion monsters. Mikhail Baryshnikov is not only a  character from your favourite sitcom "Sex & Prad Pitty the City" where he played a visual installation artist in the final nine episodes. He had known the light of spotlights long before you and me were born (but he still looks great in his 30-ties, no?). I'm obsessed with his artistic partnership with a jewellery jumbo - Damiani. Read more about their project here and enjoy the photos (courtesy of Vogue.it).

                                                                 Untitled #22 (2008), by Mikhail Baryshnikov - © Mikhail Baryshnikov - ContiniArtUK

                                                                                           Untitled #6 (2008), by Mikhail Baryshnikov

Untitled #21 (2008), by Mikhail Baryshnikov

Gosha Rubchinskiy at Paris Fashion Week

More precisely, I mean Gosha's collection here. No words. Only emotions.  I'm too subjective and prejudiced in this particular designer's case, I hope you understand it all. No matter how trivial the word "patriotism" might seem to someone, this particular word works best when it comes to success of your compatriots. Congrats, Gosha!

photo via Style.com

photo via Style.com

                                                                                                                                     photo via Style.com

Yet, I got inspired by Gosha's art some days before this collection was released. I was walking along Krasnaya St., which is the central long avenue in Krasnodar, Russia, and some random guys, skinheads actually, caught my eye. With their buzz cuts, ordinary-looking loose pants printed camo, lumberjackets and all,  they looked as if they sprang out of one of the Rubchinskiy's sketches. I took my iPhone immediately and snapped them as quickly as I can. Just in case: one can expect the good from bald butch youngsters, you know. 

I love y'all! 


Maurice Chabale


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