Winter holidays: МОСКВА

woolen trousers, faux leather cut jacket, faux fur scarf - Helen Lichutina, sun glasses - RAY BAN

Hello, my darlings! I can officially congratulate you cause the New Year has come into full force and I hope it will bring us new positive emotions, lots of sexdrugsandrock'n'rolla fun, and add new happy pages to our life books. 
Last week I visited Moscow, Russia. I spent there three full days, and all I can say is I'm so excited. 
When I was in Krasnodar, I had  thoroughly planned my trip, and there were only four places I just wanted to go: famous art centers "ВИНЗАВОД" and "ГАРАЖ", a newly built district -  "МОСКВА City", and of course, a historical center - the infamous Red Square.
I managed to visit all of them except "ГАРАЖ", cause I couldn't find any events which were worth visiting there. Dasha Zhukova, are you reading this? I know that sailing on a private yacht is more interesting than managing the schedule at your own museum, but come on, poor peasants like MOI want to have fun too. So please, would you be soi kind to offer something moar exciting than art eksSPERMiments experiments?
But I hope I'll be able to do it next time when I visit the city which never sleeps once again. Get ready, my minions, cause I'm gonna expload with a sh#tload of photos now. Ready, steady, go....

 I wish I could stay here some day!

I love y'all


Maurice Chabale


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