GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY  S/S 15 Collection's highlight: "Zek kids " with painted nails 

I was browsing online magazines represented on my computer front panel untill one of them led me to a  blog run by my might-have-been aunt   - unfathomable Diane Pernet. 
There was a short mention about an emerging talent Russian designer  GOSHA RUBCHINSKIY
I won't get into singing a paean to this particular designer's glory. You can read an enunciating of what he does here, I just want to set your eyes on  the models' nails.
It's not a secret that I love playing with nail paints. Just remember my trip to Turkey last year when there were only two covered geriatric ladies who  dared to cast kind of judging looks at my feet fingernails painted with two coats of Essense.
 Not a single reproach I heard from the rest people living in a country where half of the population has Islamic origins. Not that I connect the dots, but I think it matters! God bless Turkey! 
If I dare step off the porch with multi-colored nails on my fingertips, and go further than my area, I'll be wooed and booed immediately like Kaney West at Grammy's and even worse, I swear! I haven't tried, but I just know it! And now look at these headshaved club kids who rock the runaway in slouchy sports suits and have their fingertips pink - and green - painted.  I love it! Though I think their total look might be less raunchy. 
How does this 'scater generation' make you feel? 

 (photo courtesy Gosha Rubchinskiy)

 (photo courtesy  Diane Pernet)

 (photo courtesy  Diane Pernet)

Now, good night!

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