Buying spree for beauty products vs a new edition of GQ Russia

I like to think of my blog as of slowly opening gates to the most gorgeous things the world brings to my plate on a daily basis and that they're exposed to public view through my unique  prismatic charismatic vision. 
Yes, you'e right, sweethearts, the key word here is "slowly". 
We're living in a world of extremely high speeds, everything changes just like on a mouse click,  yes, but I'm keeping my own pace and I don't care about who what thinks. 
The most important thing to me is people's attention  (bullsh#t!) exploring my own limits. I don't know how far I can move for, but I hope I can move as far as possible. 
And I'm not urging things on for I'm scared  to miss something very important in my life. 
And I think that it's reasonable to make a start from a bare minimum like I did when I started back in 2013 taking photos with my good ol' trash-y Samsung SLR camera. Now I have my iPhone which helps a lot in taking photos of a much better quality. But there's always something else to wish for, isn't it?  
Like I'm dreaming of having a digtal camera or better -  two. I hope I'll get one soon. 
But still I'm satisfied with what I have on my plate. 
I remember the day when I had absolutely different priorities. 
Actually they change with a speed of light except my same ol' same ol' love for beautiful clothes, and shoes, and accessories. and designers, and huge black cocks (It's a joke, it's a joke!). 
Seriously, I never wanted the digital camera before, you know, but  now I would sell my ass on   e-bay just for having one of headliners of this list. (Just a joke.)..LOL. 
It's the same with VLOGGING.
I swear to God,  the last thing I want to spend my precious time on is silly chit-chatting with my camera lens on public. I know that many of camwhoring YouTube voyeurs snatch zillions of cash on it. 
I had not been  interested in da sh#t till I discovered a CUTE CUT app on App Market. 
Playing with this has become one of my fav activities as of late. It's crazeeee. 
Look what a VLOG I shot yesterday when I went shopping to grab a new edition of my favourite mag -  GQ Russia,  - and some beauty products which I've run out of. Do I look like a male version of Sonya Esman? ha-ha....Just kidding! 

I'm wearing: H&M bomber jacket, H&M red slim jeans, camo printed rubber boots from a flea market, a hoody by Domyos, D&G leather 'postman' bag. 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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