First e-bay bloomer

Hello, friends! 
Just a quick blogpost  at midnight. Believe it or not, but I've just made a purchase on a "oh - so - cheap - everything" kingdom aka e-bay for the FIRST time in my life! 
I bought this Octopus Stand Tripod Mount + iPhone Holder which I need for my upcoming project this spring. 
Can't wait the parcel to arrive from sexy Hong-Kong. It'll take approximately a month till this happens though, but whatevs. I'm still glad I did it. 
I thought of buying a 'selfiestick' too, but I changed my mind cause I don't like selfies,  every Average Joe has it nowadays. And frankly speaking I don't need it at all . 
I just thought it's better to buy something which brings more opportunities for shooting videos  from various angles. Cause as you may see, the tripod has a flexible multilegged body which can be adjusted to any ramified object be it a tree or your knee. 
As for e-bay I has always hesitated over buying something over there, firstly because of some negative responds from  my friends, secondly because of the fact I need to wait a millenium till I get a purchased item, I hate waiting! Thirdly,  I hate queueing in the post office strugging with bleached workers with flabby tits who are so rude. Unfortunately they don't know what such thing as home delivery system is here in Krasnodar. But alas I can't handle it. 
Fingers crossed, I hope I'll get my parcel all safe, and on time, cause I'm looking forward to pleasing your eyes  with more photos featuring my new SS lewks! 
I wonder what did you make for the first time recently? 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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