How I spent a Defender of the Fatherland Day: preparation for Equus Fashion Night


It's the 23rd of February which is knows as a  Defender of the Fatherland Day here in Russia, and I'm currently home alone watching the Oscars which I'm going to blog about in my next blog entry. 
Yesterday I went to bed quite early because I was feeling extremely tired. That is why I rose with the lark today  and I couldn't find anything better than download a Self-Timer camera application on my baby iPhone and play with clothes. Voila! Why? 
As you probably know the preparation for Equus Fashion Night actively continues (I already blogged about it. Read the blog entry here), and its officials who organize  the event launched a photo contest on Instagram. The only thing you should do to get the long-awaited ticket is to post your photo  (or just a piece of clothes, or a jewelry) on your Instagram feed and then hashtag it #EquusFN2015.
The look must consist of the clothes you would wear if you've got a chance to visit the event in Galich Hall, the venue. 
To be frank with you when I saw an alert from the sponsors, the first thing in my head was like: should I rush to the store immediately and help my credit card to be delivered, hah? 
That was  my  "fashion victim" part speaking. 
But my sane part prevailed and I thought why not to dig deeper inside my closet and give a new life to some good old foresaken items instead? As the saying goes "Everything new is old again", right? 
I took my old black  jacket out for a spin (Helen Lichutina), mixed it with the black woolen trousers that I got on my 27th birthday from my mom, a striped tie (TERRANOVA) on a jeans shirt (vintage Levi's) perfectly accomplished my look. Oh, yes, and that 'polka dot' neckerchief (DIY) I put inside the jacket's upper patch pocket. 
I think that my New Balance cuties don't match the look vraiment. I'd better put these Dior Homme embroidered loafers, but alas 472, 50 euros is too much for me, thank you. Even if we are talking about Dior Homme! 
I was so excited about my photoshoot that I couldn't help but letting my inner Naomi out. Ha-Ha (Just a joke!)
Interested what I got in the final result? Click NEXT


Trousers, Vest by Helen Lichutina, Shirt by Zara Men

Christian cross (courtesy of my friend), belt (thrift store), trousers,  crotchetted head piece  (by  Helen Lichutina) 

Tell m, which look do you like more? I hashtagged the third one.

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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