KUBLOG 2: photo exhibition

Dear friends, I've just come back from a very nice event held at the concept jewelery store "ART-лес". 
The event was organized by the local huge online community (portal) KUBLOG that celebrated its 2 y.o.  anniversary (it was launched in 2012) there. 
The team of KUBLOG decided to celebrate their birthday by throwing a party with lounge music, and a buffet filled with various light snacks, and clinking champagne kindly served by the local restaurant "Ekaterinodar".
 But the cherry on a pie was a photo exhibition featuring works of professional (as well as non-professional) photographers coming from the Kuban Region.
KUB-bloggers, aka  members of the community, have chosen winners in four nominations: "Photo of the month", "Photo of the Year", and finally two special prizes set by Tatyana Zubkova, a chef executive of "PHOTOVISA", an annual photo fest, and one from  AZIMUT Hotel Resort & SPA Sochi 4*
All the photography was either published or produced during the past 12 months.
It was fun. 
Thank you,  KUBLOG for sweet memories that I'll cherish forever. 
Here's my personal photo diary about the event. Enjoy! 

And the OSCAR goes to ....

Photo by Eugene Reznik

A boy or a gurl? (in the middle)

Doesn't this punk oldie remind you of  somebody from Turkey?  (click to read the full article)

 To a footfetishist:

Fake fur vs real one. They can be friends as you can see

Is he cute or what? 

 Oh, BOY!

Diane Pernet,  c'est vous?  

Voilà. C'est tout!

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

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