Maurice Chabale's track of the week: Nino Katamadze & Insight "OLEI"

It’s been a while since I’ve done a random what I listened to type of post. 
Time to do it right at the moment, cause I'm so excited to present to you my favourite  - 'obsession de la nuit'  - a performer from Georgia - Nino Katamadze, and her team called INSIGHT. 
I firstly knew about Nino when I moved for Krasnodar in August, 2010 that's almost five years ago (Gosh, time flies!). 
Ad posters which  represented her  profoundly expressive manner weer screaming her name from every rainproof billboard, even in the outskirts of Krasnodar. 
Back in the day, I feeling like an Englishman in New York, but 100 times worse (cause I had no money, no work) after two months of making desperate tentatives for a job search, could find a job position at a 4  - stars hotel firstly as a waiter, and then promoted to one of some vacant administrative positions. Though I think it be like mostly a horrible life experience of mine, there were good sides of the deal like that one which refers to meeting many 'celebrities' who stay at the hotel before they have a concert. 
Nino Katamadze was one of a few 'stars' (that's how we call famous people here in Russia) which luckily crossed my way at that time. 
Don't get me into the detailed description of a bad ending story of our meet when I was so clumsy that I had nearly let a 500 $  worth plate drop on Nino's knees with a hot soup. Ooops!
She was still nice to me though, cause I'm sure she's an extremely well-mannered woman (Though I can't say the same about the people who accompanied her at that moment). 
We  even exchanged a mutual smile with each other the very next day while going up to the 8th floor by elevator. 
After this finally happy meet, I downloaded all of her songs which were accessible on a social network I won't name (cause it's too bad to be promoted on my site), and this was love at first chord (You know what I mean). 
Due to Nino & Insight, their musical art to be exact, I fell in love with Georgian music in general, which highly enriched me culturally. I'll be forever indebted to you, Nino, for this life changing experience. I love you from the bottom of my heart! 
As for you, cutie pies, I suggest you to be falling asleep every night to a new song by the jazz band of Nino called "Olei". This means "With love" in English.  Enjoy, and have a good night! 

Listen and keep singing after me: 

Olei... ielo... papi... oleeei... ieeelo...phophi...

Olei... ielo... papi... oleeei... ieeelo... kyala lala lolei...

Kya fa fara fu dei?
Kya fara fu lalalolalei?
Kya fara fu dei?!
Kya fara fu dei?!
Kya fara fu dei odi for me?!
Kya fa fara fu lalalolalei?..
Some ma la bu dei lo dei for me...
Kya fara fu dei... ia bu dei... ia bu dei... ia bu...
Kara ra la love me?


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