#TBT: Black Thursday or why I sometimes hate the fugly Russian reality

This photo is taken with my iPhone  at one of the toy corners in the shopping mall  "Gallery -  Krasnodar"
I'm wearing a turtle-neck by Helen Lichutina, a checked suit  by Windsor,  a woolen herring-bone pattern V-neck vest by helen Lichutina, a coat is by Aquascutum

Hallo, darlings! Here I am. The one who hasn't served you some pepper in the longest time, so be ready for a long-term anarthia from MOI, please. 
I had nothing except negative things happened to me the other day, that's why I skipped the 'weekly inspo digest' and a review of the beginning of the fasheen month.  Hope to catch up with it on Sunday. 
But I'd like to start with a positive reverse side of things before I burst out whining. 
Today me, and my gal pal V whom I haven't seen for 2 years, met at a sushi place for a talky talk and a sumptious lunch together. My courtesy (yes, I can be a gentleman too, hah!). 
I had so much fun, cause she's such a hilarious and positive kid (whoever is younger than me more than for two years I call him/her a kid). I literally burst out crying because I physically couldn't laugh anymore. It hurt me so much as if I left a surgical department where I had a Liposuction on my belly done. 
I didn't take a picture of the food we had, but it was nothing special, except a desert. Wow, I had such a tasty cheese-cake which I had to shove into my oral cavity, because first it was all paid off so tasty I even can't express by word of mouth, and secondly and more importantly  - I had been completely full by the moment the waitress served it. 
So then after lunch V wanted to show me some of the videos of her favourite 'blogger' (barf - altogether two fingers in your throat), but we failed to find WI-FI in the cafe (Welcome to Russia!), that's why we had to leave and find another place where there was a free Internet connection. 
We were moving around the mall over and over again, when I once said  as I suddenly remembred it that I had to go to the University which I abandoned in 2013 for some reason. I needed to pick up my diploma from there. It's been staying there for two years, but the system says that if I wanna take the f#cking diploma back, I have to visit every f#cking hole aka cabinet in five different departments of the damn University.  It's imbecile, isn't it? That's why it took me so long to have the heart to go there again. 
Speaking of V, we had got to know each other at the same University BTW, cause she was my group-mate, that's the story of our 1st meet. We had been getting very well with each other  till I decided to resign from my studies.  And how it usually happens nowadays - we lost a touch to finally find each other yeaterday  on a social net (Gosh, I adore social nets because of such kind of benefits they give to my mutual relationships with the entire world). 
And that's that crazy thing I'm going to tell you about right now happened to me the moment we arrived at my dean's office

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Actually before I saw the dean. I asked his assistant for renseignements about the cabinets I have to collect some autographs signs from  the stuff which would approve that I'm not owing a penny  to these infernal creatures who work there at the Kuban University. 
Bitch rudely expalined to me everything I need, and the first place I went to was a room # 69 (quite a speaking itself number,  no?). 
There I was told that I owe 9000 RUB to the University because how they explained the shit "the dean  had signed my order for dismissal later (in December 2013 or something) because he thought I would come back and they prononged my term without my permission despite the fact I had failed a course" while I resigned from them in  November, 2.,  2013. 
That means that due to the signed agreement between two parts (me and the University) I have to cover all expenses of  my 6 months' term  half a year before the exams start. So I did the same shit: I paid them off in March, 23., 2013. I studied for half a year, I didn't pass an exam in the end of the term, which means I must be automatically kicked off the University (according to a Russian law set in stone  in our higher education system), that's why there's no need to pay for the upcoming term. 
It's all as easy as a pie. They say that they give every student a chance to fulfill all the gaps during the next term. Ok. But what if I don't need it. I didn't want to continue my studies in a place which was smelling 'corruption', cause I paid thrice apart from the official payments the agreemant requires. 
To cut the story short, they obviously commited a malpractice, and if they don't get on the knees begging me in tears to forgive them, I'll sue them. Dew think of me as of a f#ckin' senseless greedy monster in this situation? 
I hope that after I tell you those bastards had been fingered on for almost each & every exam from my groupmates and students from the other faculties I'm sure you won't because this is ugly, I'm telling y'all THIS IS UGLY, their behaviour, and it must be stopped by any means! 
I'm sure there would be one in a million courageous student who will witness the bribe acts which some professors of  Krasnodar State University of Culture and Fine Arts have been accepting  for years (!!!). 
Even V has told me  when I asked her if such nasty acts continue nowadays at our University that she will have to pay for an exam because her  professor was ''too difficult" which equals to the fact he's waiting for being paid the money apart from his monthly salary. What a betch! Die in hell, betch!
BTW, I need a good handsome lawyer. I'll pay in a blowjob. Just a joke! 
Seriously, if there's someone who will help without calling names, I'm in. Dew I have any hot and zealous to justice police executives among my readers, be on my radar, please. My e-mail is the same - mauricechabale@gmail.com
Who am I kidding though? Let's leave these opportunistic 'let's save the world' - like thoughts. I'm just a mere mortal who can change nothing! 
I'd better play this forged piano, if you don't mind! Hah, those betches even corrupted on the original idea which is not new for so long! If I'm not mistaken, there's a designer who used the same forged technique for decorating one world famous brand's shopping window with a forged piano a long time ago. I saw it myself! I swear!  I just forgot her name! Lemme know who she was, please! Thank you.

Pshaw, I have such a imbecile grin  on this photo and boots filled with a pig's shit (Krasnodar cesspool represents, thanks to the dirty road in one of  the central areas where my house is situated), but I love the peek  nevertheless, cause I love love love myself! 

Faithfully yours.

Maurice Chabale

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