Thank you, Bryanboy & Freja Beha! 

Wanna the top 'high-gloss' fashion news, I'll give you the top 'high-gloss' fashion news! 
Though I'm still recovering from the shock, just forget it! 
I'm notifying you that the folowwing content has nevar evar been photochopped! This is the reality which choked my throat with a huge cock happiness! 
The fiercest top model Freja Beha Erichsen (whom I adore!!!) and my blogging idol - Bryan Boy came to Earth from the top of Fasheen World to like me!  
Not me personally, of course (because such a bitch as MOI doesn't deserve it), but my Instagram photos. that's enough to make me the happiest person on this planet!
My jaw almost touched the ground when I saw my Instagram Subscriptions. Don't you love that gadget-sy majesty? 
I do! I really do! 
Isn't it magical when people you admire contact you being at the same time on a different continent? Forget this religious "... shalt not make unto thee a graven image" b@llshit: if you like someone, let him/her know about it! I love Freja Beha, and I love Bryan Boy. Thank you guys for your staying down-to-earth despite the fact you're cool and fierce! I love y'all from the bottom of my heart! 
Hope to see ya during the next Fashun Month! 
Like an art guru Marina Abramovich who has balls to adress her vid. to Lars von Trier himself, I'm adressing my personal vid. to my fashion gurus - a flouting sad monkey Freja Beha and the funniest blogging icon Bryan Boy! Does this mean I have balls too? Answers via Ginnie in a bottle please! 

PS: This is my biggest Christmas wish!

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale

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