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Ella Dashkevich

Hi hi hi, everyone! How are you doin'? Just in case you're interested, I'm doing OKAY though it's not my day today, and all da sh#t is because of me not being superstitious. 
Check it out, I had an appointment fixed at 11:00 AM,  as I live in the outskirts in the middle of nowhere I have to leave two hours in advance because of an insane traffic. 
It took me an hour and a half to wait for a taxi. It was the first mucker. I looked out of the window to check if it's freezing outside. But it was sunny. A fashion fanatic in me said to put on a sweatshirt and a pleather jacket, so I obeyed.  When I left home it turned out to be quite windy so I decided to change clothes and put on my favourite woolen coat which is super warm. 
 Then  a taxi person called me up, I left and at the very moment I was closing the door I realized that I had forgotten my phone. Y'all know that I'm absolutely helpless without my phone. So I had to come back. 
Of course, we were stuck in the traffic, and I was terribly late. Isn't that a b#tch? 
I' not superstisious,  and I don't look in the mirror as the superstition says here in Russia when you're back at any moment, but, of course, I'm realistic, and it's all because of MOI being irresponsible. Or  it's just not my day today? 
Let's get back to the positive. You know that NYFW is in full swing (And it's actually always been my favourite fashion week), and streets of sexy New York overflow with a sexy fashion crowd. I like that apart from the big names, we have a chance to meet new talents so far year after year. 
Interested in my choice of MAURICE CHABALE Best NYFW Collection Piece List, then click NEXT
BTW the photo you see above is by my favourite gurl ELLA DASHKEVICH (I made a post about her) who got me this beautiful drawing for a Valentine's Day. I love my friends! 


Team Spice Girls, and  fashion dwarfs who wear flats (like I do) from all around the world, are you reading this?  You must be in the 7th heaven right at the moment! Cause your stunting problem is solved and officially legalized by a fashion guru  - Alex Wang at least untill the next Fashion Month.  
I understand your excitement,  cause I'm in love with clumpy boots spotted at the A.Wang show too.  I'm all for a hard mesh transparency and what about you?         
                                           photo via vogue.ru

What else? I'm still recovering from shock after watching the Oscar-nominated  Leviathan. No comments. 
Then  I went window-shopping (as it's my favourite way of shopping) the other day and I found this gorgeous little black cocktail matron-of-honour's dress in a tiny wedding dress boutique. (a boutique in Krasnodar, wait...what?).  I'm in love with its baroque embroidery. Dolce & Gabbana, is that your doing?

A David Cunningham in me murmured to secretely make a photo of this unusual couple standing right near a shopping mall. There I saw a one more young lady who was wearing a very chic multi-colored fur coat which I couldn't get cause she was moving so fast. I feel so pity when such moments happen  to me and that I don't have a good camera with a smooth zoom movement which won't grab people's attention because it sounds like a tractor in motion. 
Sponsors of anykind, I'm addressing this msg to you! You f#ckling cash-and-carry sl#nts, get me a f#cking CANON! Please, oh please! I needid, I wandid, I needid, I wandid! Don't I deserve it? 
Now look at this lace skirt be on display along with a Moncler doudoune (I'm not sure it's a real Moncler though)! But it's GORGEOUS!

Also I spent a half of the daytime on slutebrities (aka celebrities in English) watching videos tagged like "worst _____'s moments with paparazzi". And all I wanna say is that I don't wanna be a celebrity not for all the tea in China. No, thanks! Being under the lightspot 24 hours a day, and feeling like a Hitch caracter attacked by crazy ravens it's not an easy job even if it allows you  to look chic Balmain from head to toes. 
Actually this semi-racist (IMHO) but very funny line coming from my love Suzy Menkez inspired me to do so: "...even a chocolate from mom and dad Kim Kardashian and Kanye West could not calm baby North.". 
These words deserve a Noble Prize Award for a tight politically correct  expression of unhidden irritatement in relation to anywho.  I have nothing to say except it's  HI-LA-RIOUS!
Though I love the West-Kardashians. Tha's all. 

Faithfully yours,

Maurice Chabale

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