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Grace Coddington, a creative director of American Vogue and a very wise woman  once said: "Always keep your eyes open…keep watching", so  I've been keeping in mind this genious gospel for this past week therefore I'd like to share with you everything which caught my eye.  
Despite the old stuff that I hope you've all read on my demure territory of online fashion pretenstion on whatever you like, I have something new on da plate to share. 
If not, let me remind you of reading about #1 COUTURE LOOK where I picked one image from several Couture shows of 2015 I liked, a short mention featuring Karl the Chancellor known as Karl Lagerfeld, and James Franco with his derisive vid which made me poop from laughter! 
Ok, let' s get started! Here are some bits and pieces I drew my inspiration from: 


Gosh if there's a thing in this turdhood (aka my district) which is able to inspire somebody somehow , an environment and a warm climate of Krasnodar are a few to mention.  When I wake up in the morning, the first thing I do is shaking off my bones by stretching myself in front of a window where I contemplate the beautiful sky lined by numerous shades of scarlet red mixed with a bit of orange and dark blue striped white on the horizon. Really Prada-esque, no? 

 (all photos are taken by iPhone cam)



I had a gap in my 'clazy' schedule so I spent the entire day watching movies from a never ending MUST WATCH list. Then I invented a hobby for every Mr. Sort-everything-out like myself kind of person. I really do like everything be on the right place. So I made some movie albums on my VK page (BTW feel free to add me on yr Friends list) sorted out by name of my fav filmmakers. I hope it'll help. 
While doing the extremely time consuming sh#t, I stumbled upon some interesting characters which are really dope. Here they are: 

Jesse Adam Eisenberg in "The Double" (photo via Buro 24/7)

Scarlett Johansson in "Under the skin" (photo via Buro 24/7)

Emma Stone in "Magic in the Moonlight" (photo via  Sibawel.net)

Kirsten Dunst in "The Two faces of January" (photo via kinopoisk.ru)

A character of young James Brown in "Get on up"  (photo via Buro 24/7)

Loïc Prigent

A little bit more of cinephilia once again. But the one of a different kind which y'all adore - we're talking about a 'fash bash' (my term which is equivalent to posh and crazy in a good way) cinephilia.
We all owe Loic a gazillion of thanks for his boundless creativity and it still won't be enough.
Check it out -  he worked with the most influential people in the fashun industry, and as a result of these majestic collaborations such films as "La lighe Balmain", Signé Chanel,  Marc Jacobs & Louis Vuitton and some more saw the light. Read an "The War & Peacearticle about him on BoF. It's huge but worth it! I love Loïc Prigent! Tell me what you think.

Daria Shapovalova

I love Daria! If you don't know who she is, think  you're forever out of my vision. You just don't exist for me! 
She's a young antipode of Miranda Priestly to me, though the former is luckily devoid of a "bitchy" inner side  of the latter. On the contrary Daria seems to be so 'human' in contrast to many other people in the industry. She's as extremely stylish as Miranda,  that's what they both have in common. And I love it! 
Daria nailed her MAJAH looks during the shows in the framework of the Fashion Month. 
Here's my TOP 5 (photos below  -  courtesy of dariasdiaries.com). Wanna play games?  Let's play "Guess who" if you dont mind. If you e-mail me all the designers, and the outfits' names (or names of the collections, or at least a year) you spotted on Daria without googling, I'll send you a T with my "authentic lips" logo. No cheating, I said no cheating! No way! 
Those Ukrainians for the daaaaaaamn win! 

Read more about the Queen of Coats aka Daria Shapovalova here and here .

PS: One of my biggest dreams is to visit Kiev Fashion Institute, Mercedes-Benz Kiev Fashion Days where Daria is a beequeen of them all. Let me know if I'm delusional again! Just in case...


I've said it many times that I can't be a fasheen photographer because of my natural set -  in - blood sociopathy even if an army of top muscle Average Joes will be electrococking my holes for hours. So leave your Tommy Tons, and Haute Le Modes to yourself.
The only thing I've recently learnt to do is to have a snap of people secretly, more often when they wait for a bus or they're on a bus, though I don't use public transport except trams. Yes, I even used a tram for a simple cause of photographing people among whom was this lady wearing an old-fashioned trench coat with a ruffled collar. But the dope thing was her hair! Look at this 'Madame Bovary rosen from hell' haircut! Am I right? Does she look like that? Yay or Nay?

I find this photo quite cine. It's a success, no?
But I think that the afore mentioned bloggers and Scott Schuman do streetstyle art better than anybody  else in the world. I googled if there are any fashion streetstyle photographers in Krasnodar and bingo, I found some. I spent hours on scrolling down pictures to find out interesting looks. Here's my TOP 3 (Click).

Unfinished many-storeyed buildings


I can't believe it, but I really fell in love with  "The Pale Emperor" by Marylin Monro Manson. I mean come on! Such shrinkers as MOIself can't listen to old zomby-like freaks. But sh#t happens and I like to extend frontiers of my personal comfort zone discovering each time something new in the dust of time, esp. when it comes to good ol' classics! If you haven't listened to her new album, buy it on iTunes in case you aren't allergic to creepy voices. "Worship my Wreck" and "Killing Strangers" are my favorite tracks in the entire album.


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