Zara checkered top

Today I went shopping in OZ Mall with my gal pal Vera. But our preliminary goal was to shoot my first fashion VLOG for you, my dearest friends. In my last post I wrote that I hate flogging, I mean vlogging. But as they say you'll never know till you try. It was all fun. I've never laughed so much in my entire life. People around were shocked at hearing my nagging Rushlish pronunciation. But who cares, yo? 
So I hope I'll have been able to edit the video and post it here by the end of this week, maybe earlier, stay tuned then. 
Actually, the first place we dropped by was my favourite Zara corner (sounds like Sarah Connor. Sarah who? LOL). 
And yes, it was a women's department where I found this wonderful checked top. I love the way it matches my lousy checkered high - waisted pants. And you? I'm not sure about those pleather studded footwear in context of this particular combination, but if I went to a party, I would obviously dare to try them on counterweighted by some studded accessories. What think you? 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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