A story of one jacket

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May I ask you to reminisce last year, a wintertime when Dolce & Gabbana released their Medieval inspired Fall/Winter 2014 Menswear collection
Long before that extravagant show I had been lusting over floral prints, that's when I went to a fabric shop to search for something similar to buy. And I found a small piece of floral printed cotton cloth in a busket filled with fabric debris. I fell over heels in love with it, bought it,  and then immediately sent it to my mum via post so that she could do something with a 90*80 sq. sm. floral grey-blue piece of art. 
So my mom made of it a front and a back part of my new stunning bomber jacket. Speaking about the Dolce & Gabbana collection, you can see kings, knights, anywho but not floral prints. But I think my jacket could be a perfect addition to the main theme of the collection. It's like a beautiful garden where the knights and kings walk through.  Boasting long cuffed sleeves, silver zip fastening, a round neck collar and an elasticated waist to contour my absent curves, what can be more stunning than that? 
When I finally got the jacket my eyes turned out into  those two heart-eyes-smiley emoticons. I  had danced,  kissed, and hugged with my baby till I put it inside my wardrobe to forget about it for a year  and a half (that poor destiny awaits for some of my outfits much often to be waiting for a better hour for them). 
After that I put the jacket on only once to the cinema theatre to see the Woman in Black II
But today I thought that's the right time to let my baby shine in front of my iPhone camera. That's the photo sequel called "A story of one jacket". Enjoy! 

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