"GEMS' LUSTER":  jewelry exhibition in Krasnodar

Talk about shine to its finest....be sure to attend the next jewelry expo at KECFA (Krasnodar Expo Center of Fine Arts) in April.
Yesterday I dropped by the place which is situated in the city center (Rashpilevskaya. St., 32) right next to the mammoth multi-brand store "Equilisior" or something. 
I had been initially attracted by a poster  screaming in Cyrilic about an upcoming  jewelry exposition and thought why not,  I'll go. 
Actually I already attended the same one in 2011, and bought nothing cause the price tag for faux gem stones was insane IMHO and I'm not a  fan of jewelry really (I think if you have no dough for Chopard, you'd better be naked). I'm kidding! 
Ditto with the current exposition: I left empty - handed. But there are more stalls presented and a variety of accessories is a bit wider this time I must say. I'm sure you'll find something, just spend more time than my 12 minutes.
Talk about my impression? Well, over middle-aged bad smelling mess of visitors aside, I found some pretty items I would buy (in case I had extra cash on me), but alas. 
And yet I swear I was the only youngster in there. Maybe that's why my body was like a rolled eyes detector. I literally lost count of people covering my body with rolling eyes like with mud. Ugh!
The first thing which made my jaw drop down was this:

I know who you first thought of: Roberto Cavalli? Now see that black guy at a backdrop? This is him to blame for this crazy python orgy. Check his face! This is how he's emotionally asking me to stop shooting! Do you think he made me stop? Ha...nuts!
I was even able to make some short videos which I made a trailer of.

Voila! Obsessed with Mariah's never dying classics!

To cut a long story short, if you're in my hometown (Krasnodar, South Russia) and you have nothing to do during the period from April, 4 to April, 8.,  be sure to swing by the above mentioned place to see "Gems Luster (Bl'esk Samotscvetov)" jewelry exhibition. 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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