Maurice Chabale for Prada:  Ad Men's Project

Thrilled to share my new photo story with you. I'm dedicating this ad men's project to my favourite Fashion House - PRADA that I love so much! 
I've spent weeks on thinking over the entire concept, the place to shoot the campaign, the production, the clothes, the accessories, and so on and so forth just for beauty's sake. I'm not bragging, just saying. Though the idea of working on an ad campaign has been freaking me out for years (I don't have a propriate education for becoming a professional producer, so I've been postponing this idea till now). As I'm that kind of person who doesn't wait for a unique chance to come, but who prefers to make something himself instead, I thought the right time has come. I hope you'll like the photos. tell me which one is your favourite (1-2-3?)

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Maurice Chabale


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