Shine bright new scarf

This outfit deserves a special mention on my blog. I bought this beautiful scarf (or a shawl) or whatchamallit yesterday at a random corner shop, and I got goosebupms down my spine the very moment it caught my eye with its bling. I even made a short video featuring my new purchase! 
Unfortunately I haven't got an appropriate tuxedo to put on the scarf  with yet, but I'm sure when the moment comes and I'm invited to a high-profile event I'll be wearing this for sure! The damn ostensible cloth is so good that I'm ready to wear it without adding anything to it and be paparrazied  half naked: only this beatiful shawl, that's all! Wake up, wake up! 
So if an almighty fashion editor of a magazine is readng this at this moment, please keep it in mind,  my dear, that your baby is ready to get undressed properly for your mamma's full editorial spread! Hurry up, hurry up and e-mail me! I'll call my agent to get my contract ready! (I'm joking). 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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