Stylist who? 

Don't you just love how vast are opportunities which photo - and video - editing apps give to all of us nowadays? I do! 
I'm doing my best at work and, a sad thing to admit,  but increasing my chances to get inner hemorrhoids earlier than at expected 95 by sitting in front of my computer screen and exploring all these technically sophisticated editing - schmediting devices. 
And it's very time-consuming especially for such a non tech-savvy person like MOI. 
But buying PROs of random  "Cute Cut", "Movie Edit Touch", "Cyber link Power DVD insert two digits here" type of app at App market has become  a more normal activity to me than a bargain hunt for clothes. Call it a new obsession!
On a side note,  me and my gal pal Vera went window - shopping in one of my favourite malls in the city  - OZ mall
Along with the shopping activity itself, I thought it might be astonishing  to film our shopping spree at the same time. Moreover rarely it occurs when you've got a nice - looking camera man  girl  for a whole Sunday at your disposal.  I decided to benefit by my companion's assistance and also worked as a stylist. 
Don't judge me hard, please: this is my first experience, okay? 
Watch the full - length vid on my УouTube channel yourself and tell me what you think  (Click here). 


                               Knitwear by Cerutti, trousers (Helen Lichutina), shirt - custom made at a factory in Arkhangelsk, 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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