SVPPLY  new look by Maurice Chabale

I haven't been checking out what's new on my favourite portal site SVPPLY.COM for so long that a online behemoth e-bay had time to take over the very successful start-up, that's what the buzz I actually has just got to know had spread around.
I can't say how I feel about this fact coz I don't care about business games, but I was a bit annoyed when I found out that I was redirrected to the e-bay site, cause (it's between you and me) I don't like its design. 
Well, now I even don't know what to do. I had collected some wonderful things on SVPPLY, but I have no idea of how to find my SVPPLY account since the things are being stocked on e-bay now. Help! 
Nothing happens for a reason as they sing, we have what we have. 
Let's play with clothes I found on other websites (e-bay included) then. 
I dunno what about you, but I'm definetely going to stockpile some of crochet garments in my drawer this summer. I was itching for having a pair of crochet shorts all way long back home yesterday. 

I found a nice pair by Harve  Benard for 27, 99$, and a cheaper nameless version of the same lace shorts on e-bay. 
And I also stumbled upon these beautiful Sequin & bead embroidery shorts via  Forever 21 official website

Click to buy (Forever 21 sequined and bead embroidered shorts for 27.90 USD)

Interested in how my complete look looks like? click NEXT

It's all about diferent textures and prints! I loove mixing anything and everything in my garde-robe (Should I have made a bartender's look my trademark in this case? JK!). So the following range of outfits is quite diverse and seems to be a "bad match" together. But IMO who dares wins, no?
What do you think of a silk marble print go together with a  tiger print calf skin leather? 

Animal Pashli Medium Tiger-Print Satchel Bag for 679, 15 $ (Buy here).

photo via

Hydra Marble-Print Sleeveless Top by Helmut Lang (216.00$). I loooove a good marble print!

photo via

Alexander Wang Kaleb lace - up boot with combo material and round nylon laces (Shop here)

Girl Calm 925  Silver Men's Ring - Tiger for 53.26$ (Shop here).

Photo via

ESZTER ring by a fast growing jewelry brand Saeltz  based in MontréalI found out them on Kickstarter. I fell in love with their simplistic but stylish in fact accessories. Buy the ring here. I would choose one item for each and every finger. 

photo via Saeltz

Lightning Bolt Ring by Bing Bang Jewelry. Shop here

photo via Bing Bang Jewelry 

Skinny Cross Necklace by Bing Bang Jewelry. Shop here

Use this Jay Strongwater Ian Tiger Charm as a pendant with the above mentioned necklace to coplete your look. And voila, you're just perfect! This look is unisex, BTW. It's not necessary that you should put all these pieces together, you can just try one of them and mix with something that you already have in your nooks. This is simply my vision of how I would dress up this summer. 
Why am I so obsessed with jewelry? Maybe because I don't have any? Go buy buy me and please me with one. JK I love yall. Sleep well! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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