Sweet memories

Photo: Serjio de Beijo

Yesterday was such a productive day. I'm surprised at my own productivity. I could do tons of work. And I'm still full of energie. 
In particular -  while doing a non  - fashion project -  I literally  had to exhume my recent working archives for some unspeakable purposes, and I found out two editions of "SMOTRI KRASNODAR" ("Look Krasnodar") magazine in my chest - of - drawers. This magazine was my first start-up project ever in my life! 
I dipped into them and I shed a tear because my recent works as a contributing author were so touching. 
Back then in 2011 I was a complete layman to Jornalism. And when I was asked to  write anything I want  and create a full content for the mag had loomed up, my answer was positive.  It was a  no brainer. If you have time and have a free weekend, I would be pleased if you read an online version of a November 2012 edition here.  And here's a downloadable PDF version of a January 2012 edition. And tell me what you think. Thank you! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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