That sheepskin coat

When I went to Sevastopol, Ukraine for a 2013 New Year holiday (Read my blogpost about the trip here) I got a very generous gift from my best friend's mother - a vintage sheepskin coat. I thought it's very chic, and since then I've been planning to visit my tailor to reshape the coat a bit because I look like a tapeworm in a bustier in it (Little did she know that her son's friend is a reincarnated Kochei the Deathless of a type kid . I kid you!), but my ridiculous schedule didn't allow me to do that. It's been a year the coat has been collecting dust in my wardrobe till today when I took it out for a spin when Krasnodar had been hit by HurricaneKatrina  the blizzard earlier this morning. Frankly speaking, I'm tired of this much non-cooperative weather. Though now I like the coat is oversized. Coz it's still a huge trend if the latest F/W 2015-16 shows are to be trusted, no? It looks plain and,  if dare I say it,  dull without the studded belt, so I tied the Centro belt around my waist. I think it's all good! Yet it was also comlimented by a few passer-by's oblique glances when I was mincing around the city center. And you know how complimentary it is for me to collect people's attention whenever I'm out. I'm glad! 
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a sheepskin coat (gifted by my friend's mom), trousers by helen Lichutina, shoulder strap bag by Salvatore Ferragamo
belt - Centro, tortoiseshell  sunglasses (Burberry), beanie (New Yorker)

Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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