"The Property: ecology of life" 

How much time do you spend on thinking about refurnishing, remaking, revamping and the other one of a kind re - whatsoever stuff to do with your own property? I've been doing it at least twice a day since I moved in my new apartment (where a renovation process is not complete yet). Thanks God one day humanity invented social outlets like VK.com where there are lots of online versions of old and trusty magazines like Home & Decor.
I'm telling y'all  - this is a new drug. My own drug which brings so much pleasure! And it's 100% safe! I've spent hours in this online community as of late and I still can't grab my eyes out of a computer screen. The community's called - vk.com/polardom
Check this out and you'll find answers to all your questions concerning design, architecture, decoration, property market, - in simple words: a sweet and comfortable life. 
I'm personally staring at beautiful pictures there. You can do the same if you don't speak Russian, for instance. Here below is my own selection of "objets favoris". 

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Maurice Chabale


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