I've been watching Sonya Esman's vlogs for the past few months and I couldn't help but mentally comparing her face to a ubiquitous prototype out there:  someone who's originally from Russia, someone who's same pretty, someone who's a attention whore model, someone who's Miss SMT SMT. Can I see hoards of right answers! 
And today I too was ready to pull my hair and slap my cheeks with both of my hands cause by putting two and two together I've finally guessed it right who Sonya reminds me of so bad! Talk about Must - Have - Been Miss Universe 2002! Yes, it's Oxana Fedorova
I know what some of you might have thought about: is it possible to compare a fresh looking but weirdly talking young YouTube babbler to a mature but titular silicone dumpster? I'll leave it to haters to answer the question. 
I personally think in an opposite way. To me they're both pretty, successful, lucky b#tches  females,  who both  have some features strikingly similar to each other like an oval face, or divinely  beautiful eyes. Watch yourself: 

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I guess only me and this portal  ask ourselves such stupid questions and compare people to each other! But anything and everything is done for fun on this online territory so it's acceptable, right?  LOL

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Maurice Chabale


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