Bayerische Trachten

 silk handkerchief - vintage GFFerre

Dirty jokes around the name aside (ask your Russian speaking fella what I mean), I want to say that there's very little that can make me really happy. I mean I don't need too much to be happy (I mean don't mean yellow Lamborghini with my golden initials on its front seat panel here). 
Blossoms around me and above - zero temprature outside is enough. 
I enjoy walking in the street wearing the best of my clothes (the best in my language means leger and dangerously short). It was a really awesome day yesterday here in Krasnodar! But let the photos speak for themselves. Oh, oh! And one more thing: you should have seen a facial expression of a guy who was passing by me the moment I was all standing doggy style, and our eyes met and he was like "WTF?", and I was like "Who cares, bro?!", and he was like "Get outta here, it's a no-passin' zone", I was like "Okay, okay, chill, I'll just take a photo with this friggin' sign and leave", and he was like "Hell, do it", and I was like "Thanks!". The thing is that that of a conversation lasted just a few seconds and wasn't verbalized. I mean at all. I read it all in his eyes. Yep. 

Sunglasses and shorts - H&M, a jacket and a shirt - Helen Lichutina, 
belt - vintage. preppy check knee-high socks - socksfromholland


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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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