Maestro Testino

Just thought you might be interested in watching or rewatching an amazing video featuring one of the greatest fashion photographers of all times - Mario Testino. 
The video is called "BBC OMNIBUS - DOCUMENTARY - MARIO TESTINO". And it's truely an inspiration! 
Look at gorgeous Kate Moss or Queen Naomi when they're showing their best in front of Mr. Testino's camera lens. Check out their poses, check out how the magic's working when genious people meet! If I be lucky to be at a model's place, I'd piss in my pants just because of that 300 Volt energy between Mario and his Muses. That's maybe why I'm not a model yet (thanks God!), and will never be (Never say never)
BTW, I love that hair color which Anna (Her Majesty Wintour) has now more than that one she used to have back in the day.

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Maurice Chabale


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