On the way to a swimming pool

I haven't been to Arkhangelsk (note for those who is new to my site: I was born there) for five years, those three days that I spent there on Christmas aren't counted coz I was cocooned at home (that terrible cold which I can stand by no means, thank you very much!).
But I'm already lusting over going there again in the summer to see all of my long - lost friends and beloved relatives.
Today my very talented photographer of a mom as she is has sent me a couple of photos which she took on her way to a swimming pool. 
A wee bit of a KVADPhoto + PRO app's touch and voila, you've got photos which deserve IMHO to be sent to La Biennale di Venezia or what have you. Sorry for braggging, but you know me I love it, especially when it comes to other people's talents. 

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Maurice Chabale


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