Anna Dello Russo in TSUM Moscow

Photo courtesy: DR (Ok-Magazine)

I'm crying my heart out at the moment cause I can't share the moment with the most stunning editor-in-large of Vogue Nippon - Anna Dello Russo. She arrived in Moscow yesterday and is gonna spend a few days in the capital of Russia giving golden showers   autograph sessions, and master classes to a society of lucky bitches which I don't belong to, because I'm here in a hot cesspit of Krasno-f@cking-Dar! Why, oh why is the world so cruel? Okay, clueless whining aside, there's always next time, right?!
Nevertheless, you can follow the route of this gorgeous woman in Moscow by visiting Tsum official website, or Anna's blog. So can I. 

Photo courtesy: DR (Ok-Magazine)

Look at Anna's jacket (Dsquared2). Do you remember my blog-post about a hussar regiment? I told you I'm Vanga when it comes to fore-seeing future trends (IFIC hire me now!).

P.S: J'adr AdR!

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