In the Middle of Nowhere


I decided to celebrate International Workers' Day in an unusual way. I took my air bed with me and went out to catch the first glimpse of sun in the grassy field not far from my house. Ditto I grabbed some sheets of paper, and pencils for work. As you know I've been working for a project for some time,  which I'm going to tell you about  if only I sign the contract (fingers crossed). And I love it. What can be more inspiring than doing my favourite job under the open sky? I'm so lucky to be free in what I do now, that I even can't dream of something more. I'm  afraid of jinxing it.
I know the doors are open, and I can choose whatever I want. 
But for now I've got a picnic in between, and took some photos of myself for the sake of the voyeuristic people as you are. LOL. 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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