It's "breakfast on a balcony" time! 


Today is such a wonderful day!  I woke up at around 6 a.m and I'm still full of energy due to the sunny afternoon which I love. I wanted to have my hair cut, but my barber is currently on vacay so maybe next time?! 
I could go to another one, but why head to the city center if there's a professional just at arm's length?  I can see the salon from my window. If a manicurist who works at the same place is to be trusted, the barber's coming back in two days anyway. 
On a side note, you know I can't cook. I mean my knowledge of culinary arts ends  up with frying eggs, and making some sandwiches. I don't now what happened to me today, but I was inspired enough to cook pasta with a home-made sauce. Amazing! 
It's worth having breakfast on the balcony, no?! I know that this area is supposed to be burderned with Her Majesty Fashion, but f#ck it! Any information is gonna be featured here since now. 
So if you don't live in the South Pole, head to get a picnic in the nearest park! Bon appetit, my loves! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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