Vivienne Westwood for Lewis Caroll

Big news, big, just huge! A new edition of "Alice in Wonderland" by (one of my favourite writers as well) Lewis Caroll is  not only a good magical book as it's been for centuries, but it's also a fashionable read since I know it! 
The reason is simple: the legendary designer Vivienne Westwood put her creative hands on the book and voila, we've got what we've got! 
A deconstructed Harlequin print (used in Mrs. Westwood's collection in 1980s.) in a stylish matt on its cover and an Introduction to the book written by still hot punk Granny Vivienne .

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I won't write it better than anyway. So let me just cite them:

"It seems a wonder such a pairing has not come about sooner. This special anniversary edition of Lewis Carroll's tale fits in with the twisted take on Britishness that Dame Vivienne Westwood is famous for in a magical Wonderland setting. From her catwalk shows inspired by the Mad Hatter's Tea Party to her world famous twisted take on Britishness, Dame Vivienne Westwood has always seen the world through the looking glass. Now she has illustrated her favourite children's story by creating a unique front cover and end papers for this very special edition. Includes Through the Looking Glass and the original Tenniel illustrations."

Get your copy of the 150th Anniversary Edition for $20.64. Go go go!!!

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