Weekly Inspo Digest

I haven't done this kind of blog-post (which is supposed to be written on a regular basis) for ages. 
But actually nothing had inspired me so much so that I could blog about it -  till now. 
After having browsed tons of Instagram pictures on my feed I landed on an account by SHXPR (pronounced as Shakespeare), a photographer from China whose work I fell in love with at first sight! His name is Sizhe Huang. He used to shoot for Harpers Bazaar and Vogue China. Check out his full profile here, I'm just posting a couple of his recent works on my site. All photos belong to Sizhe Huang (aka Shxpr). 
Here's an Australian model whose name is Lucky and he's so beautiful. It's funny how I couldn't help but commenting on his photo like I envy his girlfriend (I'm sure he's straight!). LOL

I also discovered a new name (new to me) - Yan Xu. She's gonna be my favorite Asian female model ever. I'm telling you all: she's so gorgeous! Hands down!

photo via: imhomir.com

Thank you very much for inspiration, Sizhe! I really like what you do! Loves it!

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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