Where to go? I dunno....Part II

I'm planning my summer vacaycay. I can visit only 1 place out of 4 due to financial restraints. But I'd really love to come out of my cocoon so soon! How soon is now?

#1 Yerevan,  Garni, Armenia

photo courtesy: libertyarmenia.am

Beautiful  girls and hairy mucho machos aside, I've heard a lot about this country for the last couple of months. One of my friends comes from there, and I'm amazed by pictures she seduces me by every time I gaze at her Instagram account. 
Green fields, ancient cultural heritage this is just a few to mention which comes to mind immediately when I think of this intercontinental country which is as,  similarly to Turkey,  is both part of European and Asian mix. 
And if the Kardashians - West will go there, the Republic of Armenia must be really hot as in H.O.T. 
If you want to join me, find more info and buy tours here.  

#2 Shanghai, Beijing China

photo courtesy: interviewrussia.ru

I love China. I really do. I'm serious when I shock my friends by saying that in my next life I want to be reborn as an editor-in-chief of Vogue China living my gay free life in Asia (lol). Let me know if I'm delusional again, plz! Oh, yes! 
Speaking of Shanghai, it's the largest  Chinese city (by population) and they hold the most creative Fashion Week over there, got the best shopping opportunities too. I'm scared to think of how much money I need for buying every cool stuff even at the biggest sale price in Shanghai. 
Instagram of my favourite photographer  (from Harpeers Bazaar),  which  I discovered today,  says that China is stunning. 
What else? My friend who I met in Sochi in 2012 and dedicated his short story to me (read here) comes from Shanghai and he told me a lot about his native city. I want to go but ticket fares scare me to death. Count a stay in a hotel, count transportation fees, tips in restaurants, count this, count  that and you'll get a hand-embroidered Dior Couture at full price. Not now, thank you! 

#3 Saint - Petersburg, Russia

Fingers crossed, but I hope to go to Saint-Petersburg in July on business (gonna work on a litl project you'll see later). 
I don't know why but occasionnaly all my best friends, a small part of my family, former acquaintances I ever met in my life live there (or in Moscow).
There's is a good Russain saying which perfectly summarizes this obsessive idea set in regional minds with "moving to capital cities" as soon as possible: "Moscow doesn't stretch", -  they say. 
As for me, I don't want to live either in S-P or in Moscow even for free!
Otherwise I'd have used this life chance a long time ago in spite of moving for Krasnodar. I think I won't ever  be able to enjoy a big city life with its mad human traffic in underground, polluted air so on and so forth. 
I'm a petite person who's satisfied with small things (sounds funny but you know what I mean). LOL. 
But I don't mind visiting this beautiful city over and over again (I had already been there three  times before). I think that S-P is  a "soul" of Russia. Speaking in fashion terms, if Russia is a human body, Saint - Petersburg is its BVLGARI (insert your fav accessory brand here) necklace which any fashion victim (like myself) can't live without! 
This time I'd love to highlight my trip by visiting some unexlored sights like "Pushkin places" (e.g., Moyka, 12 - house where the poet died) or some cathedrals in the suburbs.

 # 4 Vologda, Russia

photo courtesy: instagram.com/love.my_art

My best friend, an amazing illustrator, comes from this wonderful city. Did you know that legend saying that once Ivan the Terrible, one of many Russian tzars,  came to Vologda, he was so inspired by architecture and all of this city, that he decided to make it capital of Russia, but alas a brick had made its bad trick to the tzar and transformed Russian history forerver: it fell down on his head, and now the capital is in Moscow.  Nevertheless , this fact doesn't make Vologda less beautiful.
My friend has just kindly allowed me to post some picturesque photos of Vologda which she took a couple of weeks ago.
So now I'm posting a small part of them for you to enjoy and to make you build an image of how beautiful this city is!  The next part is for me to enjoy in private. Sorry!

That'a all. Good night and sleep well!

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