Alessandro Michele for Gucci 2016 Resort Collection

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I'm sure you all are alredy aware of every angle of a new Cruise collection by Gucci shown in New York yesterday. If not go and check out the official Gucci website.

My favourite look is # 11 which a new cast in the show Shaughnessy Brown presented. And a coat worn by a model # 36.

If Jackie Kennedy were alive today, it does seem to me, she would opt for the most part of featured items . I'd opt for the two mentioned above sans dispute.

Also I think that shoes is a very strong point detail of the whole collection which is going to be (or must be the most screaming trend the very next summer season).

The negative side I see in the sort of such a collection is trumping "geeks" and "nerds" of all sorts which seems like a long playing record to me.

Nevertheless, fashion is fashion! It's all a never ending song which is doomed to a self-repeating.
I don't know what about you, but I'm off to dig into my Granny's trunk up on the attic. LOL.

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