Golubitskaya village photo diary

Panama hat - Fix Price, T-shirt, swimming trunks, blanket - bought on the local market in Golubitskaya village

Some of you who follow me on Instagram know that I spent my previous weekend in Krasnodarskiy Region, in Golubitskaya village to be exact.  I'm going to post photos of my trip on the blog after a short verbal diarrhea (Sorry for that! You always can scroll down. TVM...). 
Despite the photos are screaming 'happiness' set on my face I can't say that was the trip of my dream. 
I'm quite dissapointed at seeing my region a f****g s**thole compared to the world's most famost resort cities. 
Though 'we' could have been on the same high level but for 'our' beaurocracy 'on top'. 
Many things depend on authorities, it's undeniable. But after having visited the Golubitskaya village, I can say that my compatriots seem to like living in stone age. I mean there's their fault too, cause they don't want to grow up! 
Why bother yourself to buy new sheets in a room you lease when you possess a spring bed dated back your 50 years old dead Granny's anniversary of age? 
Why bother yourself to make a new stylish haircut when you know your beloved beer-bellied next door 'macho' will stick your twat anyway tonight: even if you're an owner of a big perhydrolled spiky bush on your head? 
I can't even...

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And this s**t ain't cheap at all,  though it must cost way cheaper than it is in reality! I don't know why it happens, all I know is that I'll never ever put a penny in  the local 'resort money - box' till I can relax in the Region the same way I relax in Dubai or at least in Turkey without any regrets on money spent on. 
They're so narrow-minded there that they had invented a new form of disrimination. 
Me and Antony (my younger brother) arrived there at about 11PM. When we tried to find a hotel  to while away the night  - all the rooms had been 'busy' by then. 
Renting a room at the locals'  was our last chance to not to sleep on a bus station (a single one!) couch. Our knock at the first door turned out to be a disastrous meeting with an unpleasant  female bitch landlord who at seeing us for the first time said a ground-breaking phrase: "No! Coz you're boys!". 
Since when males have  been discriminated because of their natural gender? Only in Golubitskaya! How stupid is that? 
I,  tired and broken, prayed her to let us stay for just a single night. I was even ready to share a  bed (as small as possible) with my brother, but the b*tch was hard as stone in her unexplainable prejudice. 
Everyone didn't want to give us a shelter because they weren't interested: "5 nights minimum. Only!",  - they all said. 
'You f***g bastards! It's midnight! If I die here from cold with the starving bro on my shoulder, it's your fault, b*tches', - I thought. 
Of course,  I'm  dramatizing it all. We could drive back home, but...
I was about to do so, but for a rude cow lady who allowed us in her hovel. No soap in the bathroom! Dirty WC for general use. For the whole night I was sleeping in clothes scared to catch an epidermal nevus or worm or what have you! It was a nightmare which cost me a price of a 4* hotel room in Sochi! 
I'm not a mollycoddle kind of person at all, but come on, we're living in the XXIst century, and I can demand simple pleasures for a reasonable price. 
I'm not asking for too much! I just want to listen to Tiesto and Hardwell instead of Tatyana Bulanova in eateries. I want to visit clubs with no "chavs"-like bodyguards who wear  post-Soviet style clothes. I want to see cleans beaches. I want to swim in clean water. I want to see smiles around. I want to meet people who aren't rude to me. I want to talk to polite shop-assistants. Is it really too much? 
Tell me how the system works at your place?! I'm really interested! 
Now enjoy the photos. Love ya! 

 Panama hat by fix price, polo shirt by Paul Smith, hand-bag by Centro

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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