12 hours in Moscow

Moscow, I'm so happy to be back. This is my second time around there and I love that every time the capital opens its new and different sides to me.

This time I visited the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy. I could have  spent hours enjoying different architectural masterpieces, large and small parks and my future dream place of work  - OSTANKINO (Imma delusional betch, yep) but for the next train to Krasnodar at 19-07.

I felt nonchalant and absolutely relaxed (not only because of 4 cans of German beer my single friend in Moscow made me share with him). 

Then I went to the Yaroslavskyi railway station to grab my apartment key which I had left in my brother's backpack who left for Arkhangelsk with it 2 days earlier. 
 My mom (thanks God!) had managed to persuade a member of the crew to hand the key over me via a train conductor. She said he had shivered from fear when he heard he had to pass something to somebody. I understand him, but come on, it's so sad we all (humanity I mean) don't trust each other anymore like back in the day, and handing a key has become an obstacle. Nevertheless I'm now at home and happy to show you some pictures I took during my trip. Just for your visual pleasure.

My crazy fellow - travellers in my compartment. They woke me up at 3AM! 

My future place of work! LOL

 trousers by Helena Lichutina, footwear by Centro, trenchcoat (vintage), shirt by Basler

short by H&M, socks by Tommy Hilfigher, footwear by Centro, 
shirt by Basler, trenchcoat (vintage)

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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