"Let's not seek perfection"

I've just stumbled upon a short movie by Samuel Benchetrit. Occasionnally.  It was made for my favorite fashion power house - Yves Saint Laurent -  in 2010. All I wanna say is that the movie touched my heart to the deepest, because the main character is so meeeeeeeeeee! 
I mean I want to confess that when I was a teen I used to have even crazier moments in my life than having relationships with an elderly woman -  that the punk school boy from the movie used to have.   I used to do stupid things that I don't regret of at all,  because I was seeeking for love. And at that time it wasn't craziness to me, it was a part of my life! And I accept it! Now being a grown - up person (comparatively) I understand that there's no perfection in anything like the movie says. But it doesn't mean it's bad. It means that there's no perfection in anything and it's our reality! We just have to accept it! One can only estimate what he has when he or she gets to the extreme! 

You can't understand life without facing negative things like alcohol, for example (I'm not saying drinking alcohol is a unique way to "understand life" even if you want it, it's just an example),  or positive things like love! And being on the way to "understanding things" you don't have to blame yourself for what you've done. That's my message evoked by the Mr. Bencheritt's movie. Don't blame yourself and try to live a happier life than you have! 

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale