4 Days in Vologda

Hi there! After the whole month spent in Arkhangelsk I decided to extend my vacation for a couple of days and go to Vologda. It's the city I've always wanted to be. Because Vologda is very beautiful. And besides, I like to let you see different cities (which highly differ from those trivial Paris-Milan-London - bound pics detected in our Instagram feed) by my own eyes. Show me any other blogger who would dare to go to the North Osetia for blogging purposes?! (Okay okay I'm not bragging. I understand that nowadays everyone wants to be the envy of everyone). Which is my next place of destination? Antarctica? LOL. Nevertheless I'm spending a good time here. I visited the Museum of lace (which I'm impressed by. I even made a short video for my favourite woman Ulyana Sergeenko. I'll post it later), took a stroll alongside the autumn forest, undertook a short trip around the historical city center  contemplating that unreal beauty of old churches.  I'm at a loss of words! And I also would like to thank my dear friend  for happy moments I'll cherish forever! You know who you are! :-* :-* :-*

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