About last night 

Yesterday night I had so much fun hanging out with friends who I haven't seen for ages! We went to a local gay bar (the only one in entire city!). I typically avoid such places cause I have a phobia of drag queens,  geriatric sex-hunters, and lesbians! Ha-ha! 
But this time was exceptional. 
I just felt going there to relax and feel myself absolutely limitless (think of anti-social behavior, wild dances with a Stripper pole, rivers of alcohol, pervert flirt with hot people with a third leg so on and so forth).
I kid you not, this was the best time spent with the best company ever! 
I even wasn't upset when my best friend's boyfriend tried to smack me in the face when he saw us dancing together. He was just a stupid jealous teen. And I just didn't care and ignored this drunk b#tch. Though the very next day he begged a pardon and even tried to  stand on his knee so that I forgive him! I said he had to chill cause everything was ok. I even made friends with some vagina lovers  lesbians and a model from Moscow who once saw Kate Moss in real (!). I was dying of envy! \deep whining sigh/
Then I was at home at 4-00 in the morning! That means I really had fun. But I think  my next visit to any gay bar won't happen soon. 

Pretty queer sandwich! 

 This b#tch saw goddess Kate Moss in real !!!!!

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Maurice Chabale


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