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I'm sorry, my friends, for neglecting my blogging duties as of late. It's been a crazee week since I arrived in my boondocks -  I mean Arkhangelsk, my native city (kiddin' U)
Firstly I had to get ready for my Granny's 75th Anniversary where I was a compere. 
Then I had to visit my best friend whom I haven't seen for 3 years and a half and who accompanied me to a gay bar yesterday. We had so much fun over there. I mean I'm not a gay club raver at all. My last visit to a gay bar dates back 2011. But this time I just felt like going to the party and chilling among drag queens and sexy people with a third leg. I'm going to post pictures from the club in my next blog entries that I have a lot to share with! 
I love coming back home. It's the best feeling. 

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One thing  is when you're a resident, another thing is when you're a passer-by who just comes to the place to leave in a few weeks. It's a completely different story! I like that feeling which being a 'guest' usually gives. Everyone treats you pretty well. You do whatever you want. You go whenever you want.  You meet your beloved people. It's wonderful, innit?! 
Besides, Arkhangelsk is one of many places in the Nothern Russia where autumn is the best time of the year. Leaves on the trees change their color and form a beautiful natural covering when fall down. They amazingly contrast with grey and white lines in the sky. Plus compared to hot and humid weather  in Krasnodar (I checked my Weather + app today and it says that it's + 37 degrees in the city), the climate in Arkhangelsk is way better. Now it's + 10 outside. It's great cause it gives more opportunities for trying out new looks for yourself. This means that I can put more layers on my bones. 
Every time I stay at my parents' apartment the first thing I do is run towards the corner  where my mom's garde-robe is. I'm telling y'all it's a sacred place to me. 
I usually tend to stick to classics, but I adore playing with clothes. And it's my another  favorite activity (The first one is cycling).  I'm tired of being "run-of-the-mill" type of person that's why I stole a ton of clothes from my mom so expect me to be wearing them over the next few weeks while I'm staying here. 
Here's a couple of looks I had managed to create using some items taken out of my mom's closet. I'm posting them here for your visual pleasure. So enjoy! 

All clothes is by Helen Lichutina
Sunglasses (No Name)  - bought in Lenta (Krasnodar)
Cap is by H&M 
"Bed head" clutch is by TIGI
Scarf with metallic threads bought in Saint-P last month
Photos are taken on my iPhone 4S 
Location: Arkhangelsk, Russia

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Faithfully yours, 

Maurice Chabale


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