At the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum

Despite I was suffering the devilish hangover I went to the Museum cause I had promised my aunt to go. I really enjoyed this trip though. It was really useful to know more about history of my native city. I really liked an exposition called "Russian pearls" where they are showing religious attires and  traditional slavic head pieces with chic beadwork. They date XVIIth century! And most of them are made of pure gold! Chic chic chic!!! 
"Wind. Sail. Ocean" was also one of my favorite photo expositions in there. 
I also recommend to have a look at photos made by Jacob Leitsinger
 I could have spent more time in each room to contemplate  every object of each and every exposition but for my poor headache. I think we totally spent about  two hours or so in the Museum and saw almost everything exhibited there. Then I prayed my aunt to go to a cafe and eat some soup and something greasy, She obeyed. And we ended up in an Italian place. I ordered saltwart ('solyanka') with home-made bread and one huge pizza. It was exactly what I needed at the moment. 
If you have a possibility to visit the Arkhangelsk Regional Museum, please use this chance, you'll really enjoy it! Buy a ticket at a full price (350 RUB) and go to every room of the Museum without limits. 

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