Ask Kaney: Kaney West is going to be featured at Nick Knight's 'In Camera' project. See the full Interview online in a few hours

As it's said on the ShowStudio's official website: "Fashion icon, award-winning recording artist and one half of the world’s most talked about couple, Kanye West will be the eleventh participant in our In Camera live interview series, exclusively answering questions submitted by friends, celebrities and fans worldwide. The interview will take place live on 6 October 2015 at 12:30 BST"

Anyone and everyone is welcomed to submit the question he/she wants. I've just asked mine but will post it only if Mr. West is so kind to answer  my 'not-so-sophisticated' question during A&Q livesteam.


P.S (updated on October 14th): kaneu jerking his fat legs (as his wife's are) ignored me. But the Interview oupen up on the racism in fshion thee. I think it's very important. Everyone should watch the Interview to be more tolerat in a way. Besides, he's a good looking man. dontcha agree?

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