Happy birthday to MOI!

Hi, guys. How are you? I just wanted to say that I love y'all. Thank you for all your e-mails with congratulations and warm words you give.
That's my birthday lunch I cooked myself for me and my friend who hasn't come (ohhh...).
So my company this birthday is Adam Sandler and movies he's starring in which is not bad, no?!
Strange enough but I don't feel depressed at all despite I'm celebrating my Bday alone in front of the TV-set with lots of yummies on the table.
I just know that my next Bday is going to be somewhere in Sweden or in the USA or whatevs. This is just the calm before the storm. So I'm happy.
As for the presents, I got a new printer, a new optical computer mouse,  a bottle of  good old Whiskey, some new clothes which you'll see tomorrow (I can't reveal it before the KFW), a handmade picture from my Granny. I love love love it! Thank God I have my family and friends alive. I am the happiest person on Earth.
But there is one thing I wish most of all this day: my mom's best friend suffers from intracranial neoplasm so I wish she gets well and live a long live. I believe in miracles! So pray for her (as you can!) and I'm sure everything is gonna be all right like they sing.
Thank you.

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Faithfully yours, 


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