KFW: Day 2

I've never been superstitious before  yesterday. I had so much sh#t on my plate during the whole evening and it was not funny at all.
It all started with the hurricane wind and the rain which made lanes deep in mud and filth all over the place. In their turn they ruined my look because by the time I reached a bus stop I had been covered with dirt from top to bottom.
Thank my wit - I had a wet cloth on me (prepared beforehand) to take the dirty stains out of my shoes and clothes.
Then my battery was going to die (that's why I'm posting just a few pictures).
I had to change two means of transport to get to Galich Hall where the event was being held but my second bus didn't arrive either at 5PM or 6PM. I must say that it takes at least one hour and a half to get somewhere from my place. This time I needed two hours but I was already running late because the show started at 7PM.
I was nervous and looked like a milksop.
When I was waiting for the bus I heard a persistent meow. It was a black cat (!) on Friday, 13. OMGee...It was obviously a bad sign.
I had no cash for cab. The nearest ATM didn't work. I said f@ck and went back to another bus stop. As a result I had changed three means of transport by the time I reached the place of destination.
I imagine how horrible I looked if  my body detected a few indignant glances frowning over at me. But f@ck 'em all.
Besides I had only one hour for everything. So I left my new business cards on tables, camwhored a bit, saw three shows, drank a glass of champagne, took some photos, said hi to a fellow designer (the only face familiar to me last evening)  - that's all.
As for the shows which I saw I wasn't impressed by any of them. But I'm giving a credit to organizers that it was their first fashion week. And compared to ressources which global fashion weeks have Krasnodar FW is just a baby which is making its first steps on a really uneasy way in the industry. I wish them best of luck.

P.S: I'll update this post later when photographers send me some pictures of mine. You can enjoy the pictures from Day 1 here.

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Faithfully yours, 


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