Happy New Year y'all!

I wish you all a prosperous 2016. OMG that figure is scary, isn't it? To me it looks like something from a good fiction story about the future. But that's what we are facing in - what? - less than 8 hours. It's high time to make New Year resolutions.
To me 2015 turned to be 'full'.  I mean there were lots new people I met in a number of places I visited. I had lots of new impressions. Hope the following year turned to be more 'full'.
I'd really love to visit some new countries (China, Georgia, Sweden), to take part in some new projects which I have no idea of yet, but I'm sure they must be related to fashion.
Well, it's all about dreaming and working hard so that our dreams come true!
I love all my readers (even haters). I wish all of you a life full of beauty, never ending champagne, sparkles and bling-bling! Merry 2016.

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